Some Reasons Why You Could Be Charged for Drunk Driving in Easton

by | May 10, 2016 | Lawyers

Some people think that those under the influence of alcohol are the only people who end up getting arrested and charged for drunk driving in Easton. The fact is that there are other things that can lead law enforcement to suspect that a person is under the influence of alcohol. If a person is arrested and charged for drunk driving, it will be up to them to prove to the court that they aren’t guilty of the accusations. That means that they are going to have to hire the Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC or another law firm to help them out.

So what are some of the things that can get a person arrested for drunk driving in Easton, even if the individual hasn’t been consuming alcohol? Taking medication could lead to an arrest. Some medications cause a person to become drowsy causing them to exhibit the symptoms of an intoxicated person. They might have swerved their car while driving, or they might have slurred their words when talking to another individual. When someone is pulled over by the police, they might be nervous, which can lead to them forgetting to talk about the medication they are taking.

Law enforcement can conduct field sobriety tests on people they suspect have been drinking. Some people have health issues that can make it hard to perform tests. If they fail because of health issues, they still might be arrested by overzealous police officers. There are also times when breathalyzer tests give false positives. Fortunately, a lawyer can work to bring a false positive into question. That is why people shouldn’t act like a positive breathalyzer test is the end of the world. There are many ways that a lawyer can argue for a person’s innocence.

Individuals who are sleepy should avoid getting behind the wheel. A person who is too tired can have red eyes, slurred words, and other signs that might lead an officer to believe they might be intoxicated. If a tired person had even one drink, the smell of alcohol could make the officer even more suspicious that something is wrong. Visit website for more details.

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