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Speak With an Auto Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA Before Accepting a Settlement

Insurance companies that handle auto accidents want to pay out as little as possible for each accident. If they paid the maximum amount every time, they would not have sufficient money to continue to operate. However, the injured victim of an accident does have the right to obtain compensation for their injuries. When they are not being provided an adequate settlement offer, they’ll want to speak with an Auto Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA.

What is Considered an Adequate Settlement?

The settlement obtained by the victim should cover all of their medical expenses, lost wages, and car repair bills from the accident. If they will need future medical expenses, this should be covered as well. The settlement is considered adequate if it covers all of their expenses, even if they do not receive extra money for non-quantifiable damages such as pain and suffering. While these can be obtained in certain circumstances, they’re not typically given to the victim of an accident automatically.

How Can a Victim Determine if Their Settlement is Adequate?

The victim of the accident will want to consider the settlement carefully and compare it to their expenses. It’s important for them to make sure they compare the settlement with their expenses so far as well as ones they can expect in the future if they require continuing medical care for their injuries. This can be difficult to do, which is why it might be a good idea for the victim to contact a lawyer for assistance.

The lawyer has a significant amount of experience handling auto accident cases and will be able to review the victim’s injuries, current and potential expenses, and the settlement to determine if the settlement is adequate. If they determine the settlement is not adequate, they can discuss the victim’s options with them and work with the victim to decide what should be done next.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was not your fault and you believe the insurance company is not providing you with an adequate settlement offer, you can speak with an Auto Accident Attorney in Bellingham WA right away. You will want to speak with an attorney before accepting any money from the insurance company. Contact the Allen Law Firm to get help today. Find us on Facebook!

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