Talk to a Consumer Law Attorney in Northampton, MA About Your Service Complaint

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Attorneys

Lawyers are often surprised at the number of people who are not aware of their rights under the Consumer Protection Law in Massachusetts. Merchants can also overlook their obligations under the law. While the law does not specifically define violations, it does state that any unfair or deceptive practice is not legal. Chapter 93 of the Consumer Protection Law, General Laws qualifies what are considered unfair or deceptive practices.

For example, you may need to see and consult with a consumer law attorney in Northampton, MA if you were charged for a service that was higher than the advertised price. You may also wage a complaint if you did not see any indication about a company’s refund and return policy. If a representative from a company does not provide you with relevant details about your product or service, you may want to contact an attorney.


Have you been a victim of a bait and switch? If so, you need to discuss your experience with a consumer law attorney. A bait-and-switch is a method used in which a seller advertises an item at a good price but discourages its purchase. Instead, he or she tries to get the buyer to buy another item at a much higher price or choose an item that is less favorable.

Did the Product Manufacturer Honor the Warranty?

Needless to say, you should not put up with any sale where you do not receive just treatment or where you are misled. For example, suppose that you took out a warranty on a product. According to the guarantee, you can have the item fixed for one of various repairs.

However, when you return the item to have a repair made, the company informs you that they cannot fix the item. At this point, you need to contact a consumer law attorney for help.

Whenever you are involved in a business transaction, especially a sale, you need to know that you can exert your buying rights. This can more easily accomplished when you contact a firm such as Connor Morneau & Olin LLP. Make sure that you find legal representation if you feel that you have been unfairly treated in this respect.

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