The 4 Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Law attorney

If you or someone you love rides a motorcycle frequently, it is vital that you or they understand the risks. Just as driving a car is a daily activity that is more dangerous than most people will actively consider before turning their keys in the ignition, driving a motorcycle can also be very dangerous. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident and believe that it was not your fault, finding a good auto accident attorney in Michigan and consulting them about how best to file a claim is a smart move.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common injuries sustained by motorcycle riders to help you understand the risks.

1. Head injuries

Head injuries, especially traumatic brain injuries, are very common among people who drive motorcycles. They also are often accompanied by high risks of permanent disability or even death.

The head is one of the most important parts of the body because it houses the brain. If a motorcycle accident causes an injury to the head, there may also be brain swelling, a cracked skull, brain bleeding, or another brain related injury that could do permanent damage.

Because of the wide range of bodily functions impacted by the brain, a brain injury caused by a motorcycle accident could change the way you perceive the world, your ability to move parts of your body at will or speak clearly or affect some subconscious bodily functions you never had to think about before the accident.

2. Bone fractures

A broken bone, especially a broken leg, is a very common injury among motorcycle riders. The way a motorcycle is designed means it cannot stand on its own, and when a car and a motorcycle get into an accident, the bike will often fall over.

This can happen so fast that the rider does not have the time to make sure their legs are not affected by the fall, and if the full force of the rider and the bike falls onto the rider’s leg, it can cause a fracture or other injury.

If a car hits a motorcycle from the side, there is also a high risk of a broken leg, as the leg can be crushed between the bike and the side of the car. In many cases, there just is not enough time for the motorcyclist to move their leg away safely.

3. Neck injuries

Although head injuries can be incredibly serious, neck injuries can be just as devastating, if not more so. The neck holds the beginning of the spinal column, and damage to the spine can also widely affect the functions of the body, just like a head injury can.

If a motorcycle is struck from behind, it can create a case whiplash for the rider, much like it can for a driver who is rear-ended by the car. Even if your head is protected by headgear like a helmet (which it always should be), if you are thrown backward off your motorcycle, injuries such as broken collarbones can result. Being thrown backwards can also result in more serious conditions such as paralysis, and in some cases can be fatal.

4. Skin abrasions

One of the reasons that so many bikers wear leather jackets, besides the aesthetic look of them is for protection from the road. A motorcycle, unlike a car, has no protection around the bike to minimize the impact of an accident on their bodies. Motorcyclists are likely to be thrown off their bike in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle jackets are made to protect the rider against burns from friction if they are thrown from the bike. Because leather is so smooth, it will help slide the victim across pavement once they hit the ground. Other materials, like denim, will not provide as much protection from conditions like road rash.

Road rash is a skin abrasion or friction burn that is measured in degrees of severity. The most severe road rash could mean a need for skin grafts and immediate medical attention, so protective gear is a smart move for motorcyclists.

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