Three Important Qualities in Companies Dealing with Bail Bonds in Atlanta

by | May 31, 2020 | Lawyers

If your loved one or friend has landed in a difficult situation with the law and cannot pay the bail amount set by the judge, you may be able to help. Very rarely are families prepared to handle the difficult situation of finding a bail company to help them negotiate and post bail to get someone out of jail.

How Bail Bonds Work

Although many people assume that if you cannot post bail, then there are no other options, bail bonds in Atlanta work on behalf of the individual in jail to pay the amount due and allow you to go back about your life until the set trial date. Bail bonds are used when the amount specified by the judge is paid by a bail bondsman or company. A written promise is given to the courts and it guarantees the release of the defendant until their court appearance. Some courts offer recommendations for which companies to use for bail bonds, but it is always a good idea to do your own research.

Qualities of a Great Bail Company

The ultimate goal is to get the amount paid as quickly as possible, but knowing what qualities a bail company should have may save you money on fees and prevent you from encountering further trouble in the future. Consider the following valuable qualities in a bail company:

  • Transparency is arguably the most important characteristic that a company must possess. They should openly state their fees and present all relevant details up front. Most companies offer a free consultation and 24-hour access, so be sure to call and ask as many questions as possible.

  • As you interact and ask questions, the company you are considering should exude professionalism when answering and returning calls as well as when providing information about services or fees. Ideally, you should feel that they value your business and recognize the seriousness of the matter.

  • A good reputation is vital for a top bail company to have, but many people forget to check reviews and ratings during this highly emotional time. Be sure to check the company’s score on Better Business Bureau, because any hidden fees or negligent behavior will be reflected in their score.

If you are still wondering what to expect when working with a bail company, browse the services section on website.

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