Three Reasons to Hire a Railroad Cancer Law Firm in Chicago, IL

by | May 4, 2020 | Attorneys

Railroad workers face a variety of dangerous working conditions every day. One of the most devastating work-related conditions that a railroad worker can face is cancer as a result of their current or previous environment. Read on for three good reasons to contact a railroad cancer law firm.

Diesel Exhaust May Cause Lung Cancer

Diesel exhaust is frequently found in railroads, thanks to the trains that rely upon the rails. The deadly carcinogen, benzene, is found in this exhaust. Repeated exposure to benzene places railroad workers at a 40% greater risk of developing cancer of the lung. This disease is frequently fatal, and both cancer survivors and their loved ones are encouraged to call a railroad cancer law firm.

Benzene May Cause Other Cancers

In addition to harming the lungs, benzene may cause long-term damage to other organs due to the high levels of toxicity that the exhaust contains. Examples of cancers potentially caused by benzene include skin cancer, bladder cancer, myeloma and bone cancer. These cancers can be financially and mentally draining. Both loved ones and cancer survivors may wish to contact a law firm to make certain that their financial needs are addressed.

Other Dangerous Toxins Related to Railroads

In Illinois, a railroad worker was exposed to asbestos and developed lung cancer. A law firm helped his family earn more than 3 million dollars. Employees of Norfolk Railroad and Western Railway have won a lawsuit of more than 50 million dollars after being exposed to the dangerous chemical dioxin.

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