Tips For Reporting An Accident Or Injury At Work From A Workplace Accident Attorney

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

When an employee suffers an accident, injury, or other type of harm in the workplace, he or she may be eligible for more than workers’ compensation. However, documenting and reporting the event is key to getting the most compensation from the insurance company and, if necessary, the employer. The following are some tips from a Workplace Accident Attorney that outline the steps to follow after an accident or injury at work.

First of all, it is crucial for the employee to report the incident to a supervisor as soon as possible after it occurs, especially if an injury may cause him or her to miss work. Although immediate reporting is not legally mandated, the sooner an accident is reported the better; workers’ compensation insurers are likely to deny claims that are submitted more than 30 days after an event.

When reporting to a supervisor, the employee should explain simply, clearly, and accurately how the accident occurred. It may be that an injury results not from a single event but from repetitive motions or other working conditions, including exposure to a contaminant of some kind. Since insurance companies strongly consider the worker’s initial report, it’s important that the report be accurate and complete.

The next step is to see a doctor or other healthcare professional. The doctor’s report will also be submitted to the insurance company, so injured workers need to make sure to give a clear and accurate account of the injury to their physician. Keeping the story simple without too much non-relevant detail, such as conversations with coworkers about the accident and who was at fault, can help ensure that the doctor records an accurate medical report.

It is not advisable, however, for an injured worker to give a tape-recorded statement to the insurance company, especially without a lawyer present. Insurance adjusters may present the statement as a way to expedite the claim; however, workers should be aware that some insurance companies use taped interviews as a means of weakening the worker’s claim, and most attorneys recommend that their clients refuse to do it. To consult with a Workplace Accident Attorney, visit

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