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Top Three Reasons for Needing an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bellingham, WA

An estimated 30 million people are injured in vehicle accidents each year with another 1.3 million losing their lives on the nation’s roadways. Many of these injuries and untimely deaths are the result of someone else’s negligence, but proving who is at fault isn’t always as clear cut as some might think. An auto accident lawyer in Bellingham, WA could see a wide range of causative factors when dealing with accident cases, but some are certainly more common than others.

Drugs and Alcohol

It’s no secret that alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and even prescription painkillers and some over-the-counter allergy medications can interfere with the ability to operate a vehicle safely. Even those who choose to place themselves in the driver’s seat are well aware of this fact. Unfortunately, a number of hampered drivers aren’t aware of the degree to which they’ve been affected by these substances until it’s too late.


Speed is the second leading cause of accidents these days, having been bumped from the top of the list over the last several years by a growing modern-day issue to be mentioned shortly. From teen drivers trying to impress their friends to people running late for work and beyond, excessive speeds kill and disable numerous victims every day. This tends to be compounded when other factors are in play, like alcohol, drugs and inclement weather.


Driver distractions are the nation’s top reason for needing the services of an auto accident lawyer in Bellingham, WA with a wide range of elements falling into this category. Fighting children, audiovisual equipment, mobile phones, food and rogue spiders and bees are only a few of the diversions responsible for taking drivers’ attention away from their duties. As the world continues to change, the list and resulting statistics are only expected to grow.

These and most other accident causes can easily be avoided, yet they still pose numerous problems on a daily basis. From minor injuries and property damage to death and devastated loved ones, these factors change the lives of far more people than those immediately involved in a crash. If you’ve been in an accident and need legal assistance, contact Allen Law Firm to learn more about what they can do for you. Find us on Facebook!

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