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Understanding Concepts Covered Under Divorce Law In Bel Air, MD

In Maryland, divorce petitioners must review a variety of concepts that relate to their cases. First, the size of the marital estate could add complexities to the case. Next, any disagreement about child custody could also increase the time needed to settle. Under Divorce Law in Bel Air MD, an attorney could assist these petitioners and stop unwanted mistakes and delays.

Petitioning the Court for the Divorce

The first step in these proceedings is to petition the court. The petitioner must submit a motion to acquire a divorce based on the grounds they have identified. The court requires the delivery of the summons and divorce agreement to their spouse via a court official. Once the defendant receives the documents, they have a period of thirty days to respond. If they contest the divorce, additional strategies may be necessary including mediation.

Child Custody Issues

During mediation, the couple can discuss their views about child custody issues. For example, if one party has moved out of the city in which they lived during the marriage, this could present issues for the child. It could also prevent custody arrangements that allow equal time with the child. By discussing these issues, the couple can avoid a divorce trial in which a judge decides who acquires custody.

Dividing Marital Property

The state of Maryland requires equal division of the marital property. This allows each party to acquire the same value from these properties and assets. The assignment must provide the same lifestyle as achieved during the marriage. In some cases, this could allow one party to acquire more marital property due to their reduced earning capacity.

Alimony and Support

Alimony and support are awarded according the earning capacity. If a spouse is unable to achieve the same lifestyle they had during the marriage, alimony is assigned to support them. Select judges may provide payment for educational programs instead of alimony to increase earning capacity.

In Maryland, petitioners must pay close attention to details. It is these details that allow them to prevent unwanted circumstances related to child custody assignments and property division. Under Divorce Law in Bel Air MD these parties have access to additional services to avoid a divorce trial when probable. Petitioners who need help should contact Maria Caruso Bel Air MD for legal advice.

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