Victims Injured in Car Accidents in Harford County, MD Need an Attorney

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Legal Services

Car accidents in Harford County, MD are an everyday event. Most drivers have probably experienced a number of close calls and may have been involved in an accident. Baltimore is always listed among the top ten most dangerous cities to drive in. There are a lot of reckless drivers who seem to think that they own the road.

The Adjuster Will Want to Settle As Soon As Possible

It’s important to remember that the insurance adjuster is being paid by the insurance company. The adjuster’s goal is to settle the claim for as little and as quickly as possible. Insurance companies know that the longer a claim remains open, the more likely it is to cost them when it finally settles.

A few of the reasons behind the insurance company’s desire to settle as soon as possible include:

* Whiplash. It’s very common for someone to have a stiff neck after an accident. The insurance company knows that some of those stiff necks will become disabling whiplash. Settling quickly will avoid paying for expensive medical treatments.

* Bruising. Bruises caused by blunt force trauma, such as would happen in an accident, can leave permanent marks on the skin.

* Attorneys. The last thing that the insurance company wants is for the accident victim to see an attorney. Their own industry research found that people with attorneys received more than people who settled claims on their own.

Be Careful What You Say

Anything that you say can be misinterpreted. A polite response to a greeting such as, “I’m fine, how are you today?” can appear in the report as “Victim said that she’s fine.” This can lower the settlement value of your claim, allowing the insurance company to say that the injuries are being exaggerated.

Don’t Let the Conversation Be Recorded

Recorded conversations benefit the insurance company, not the accident victim. Politely say “no” to that request, saying that you need to speak to an attorney if the conversation will be recorded. Reply that you will answer a few questions informally, but restrict this to the basics (name, address, phone, etc.).

The legal team at the law offices of Stephen A. Markey III, PC wants to help you recover from injuries cause by another’s drunk driving or recklessness. People injured in car accidents in Harford County, MD will be vigorously represented. Receive the compensation you deserve. Visit to schedule a free consultation.

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