The Wegmann Law Firm Has Attorneys That Can Help With Almost Any Legal Issue

by | May 3, 2017 | Lawyers

Contacting a law firm with a legal question or situation only to find out they don’t practice in that field can be frustrating. At the Wegmann Law Firm, they can represent clients in accidents, personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal law, child support, custody, divorce, estates, probate law, real estate, insurance, business, and civil law. There’s a team of lawyers that are knowledgeable about all of these areas. Quality representation by an experienced attorney has much better results than attempting to go through a legal process unrepresented. In addition, some types of law can overlap with another area. An example would be a criminal domestic violence charge could be involved in a divorce or child custody dispute.

Injuries on the job occur more frequently than many people think. Workers are often afraid to claim they were injured on the job because they’re afraid they’ll be fired. They’re also concerned about losing pay because they’re off work. Employers do create unsafe conditions for employees and sometimes they address them and sometimes they don’t. If a serious injury occurs at work due to an unsafe working condition, the worker should contact an attorney immediately. An injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefit which includes medical treatment and lost wages. In some situations, when an employer knew about the unsafe working conditions and failed to protect the employee that was injured, an injured worker can file a lawsuit for compensation.

Injuries that occur on the job or from a personal injury require the help of an attorney. Physical injuries can affect an individual’s opportunity to remain gainfully employed and cause them a great deal of pain and suffering. They don’t have to be financially injured as well as physically injured. Personal injury victims can receive compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain, suffering and future medical bills or physical therapy. With the help of the Wegmann Law Firm, they will receive the best outcome possible. They will fight to protect a victim’s rights and help them navigate the difficult process of fighting against an insurance company. Contact Wegmann Law Firm for more information about this type of representation and any others.

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