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What Services Does a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Provide?

When a person faces a drunk driving charge, they can often feel overwhelmed and unsure of what will happen next. The process is sometimes confusing for individuals and can lead to many unanswered questions. Even if a person has broken the law, they still hold certain rights that cannot be infringed upon. It is vital a person hires a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney as soon as they learn of their charges so they will be able to get the legal help they need in the process of their arrest and trial.

The first step a DUI attorney will take is to fully evaluate the charges. The attorney will discover what type of field sobriety testing was administered and will obtain the results. They will also speak with the arresting officers to discover what evidence has been mounted against their client. This information is critical for helping them to establish their line of defense and what steps they will need to take to properly represent their client.

An attorney will help a client decide on how they need to plead. A person should never plead guilty unless they have talked with their Drunk Driving Defense Attorney. It is imperative clients heed the advice given to them by their attorney so they will not make mistakes that could cause issues with them getting a better outcome.

The pre-trial conferences are a crucial part of the process. During these conferences, negotiations take place and the attorney works on attempting to get the charges dropped or at least reduced. Plea bargaining may also take place during these conferences, depending on the nature of the charges that have been brought against the client.

The attorney will represent their client through the entire process. If the outcome is not favorable, the attorney may be able to appeal the decision so a new trial can be offered. Those who are facing DUI charges need to be aware of their rights and learn all they can. For more information, visit. They are the attorney team individuals can rely on to ensure their legal matters are handled properly. Call today for your appointment.

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