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What to Expect Through Slip and Fall Accident Injury Law in St. Peters, MO

In Missouri, visitors and workers who become injured inside of commercial or residential properties need legal assistance. These circumstances that create their injuries are associated with failures of the property owner. The details below present information about what victims can expect through slip and fall accident injury law in St. Peters, MO.

Identifying a Premises Liability

A premises liability equates to a failure of the owner to maintain the property and eliminate hazards. These hazards lead to unnecessary accidents. In a commercial property, a slip and fall injury is often caused by spills in aisle ways. In stores, they are often caused by chemicals that aren’t managed properly. Commercial properties must remain OSHA compliant. Residential properties must be maintained strictly according to building codes.

Did the Property Owner Offer Compensation?

The attorney will determine if the property owner offered to provide compensation for the victim. The attorney can negotiate a settlement based on the victim’s expenses. These expenses include the medical cost of the treatment, the value of all lost wages, and a value for pain and suffering. If the injuries are permanent or produced a long-term disability, the value of the settlement is increased significantly.

What Type of Violation Caused the Accident?

Typically, worker-related injuries are often caused by a failure to follow OSHA regulations. However, they can also be associated with building code violation. Property damage that requires immediate repairs to lower the chances of an accident. This applies to residential property owners if they invite neighbors or other visitors into their home.

Were There Any Warnings for the Hazard?

Warning signs are necessary to direct visitors when they walk around the inside of the property. The owner must place all signs where they are visible at all times. If warnings weren’t present, the property owner’s liability increases.

In Missouri, visitors and workers could become injured when hazards are present inside and outside a property. The nature of the hazard defines whether or not the visitors are at an increased risk. Victims of these accidents contact an attorney who practices slip and fall accident injury law in St. Peters, MO or get more information today.

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