When Does a Traffic Offence Require a Lawyer?

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Attorney

Minor traffic offences happen every day in Singapore. Despite the nation’s efficient public transportation system, many citizens still rely on personal automobiles to get them to school, work, and anywhere else they need. With such a large population, it is only natural that the crowded streets would suffer routine automotive accidents.

However, not all accidents are simple cases. Sometimes, car accidents can result in major damage to property, injury, or even death. When this happens, the responsible party will face more than a fine. Knowing the difference between minor accidents and those that require more serious compensation will also help you determine when to seek legal advice in criminal law in Singapore.

Minor Accidents – Notice of Traffic Offence

Singaporean citizens will generally receive a notice of traffic offence for minor accidents. This document will list the date and nature of the offence, as well as the offer of composition. The offer of composition is the amount due in fines, subject to whatever penalty has been assigned to a case. Payment is simple, as multiple payment channels are usually available.

Major Accidents – Notice to Attend Court

What happens when you are involved in a more serious traffic accident in Singapore? This will usually result in a notice to attend court. The person who is found to be at fault for an accident that resulted in major property damage, injury, or death will need to appear in court to discuss the penalty. This may be a hefty fine, or a harsher sentence like jail time.

It is best to partner with a knowledgeable criminal attorney in these cases. This is especially true if the accident you were involved in resulted in injury or death. An attorney can help you argue your case and get the best legal outcome in these serious circumstances.

Not sure if your case falls into this category? Play it safe and contact an attorney for consultation. This first consultation is typically free – and may save you a lot of stress later!

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