Why Get Help From the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Greeley, CO?

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Lawyers

A workers’ compensation lawyer helps clients to pursue their employer and insurance company for the rightful workers’ compensation benefits they are owed. When someone is injured on the job, these laws help to ensure the injured worker’s rights are protected and they are able to receive wage replacement benefits and the medical care they need while they recover. With this information, injured workers can learn why they need to hire the Workers Compensation Lawyers Greeley CO.

Reasons for Hiring a Lawyer

There are multiple reasons an injured worker should hire a Workers Compensation Lawyers Greeley CO. While a lawyer is not needed in every circumstance, there are some cases where it can be helpful to get legal assistance.

One of the biggest reasons a person should consider hiring a lawyer is peace of mind. When someone is pursuing their employer and being given the runaround, they can feel overly stressed and anxious about the process. Once the lawyer is hired, the attorney takes over all of the steps involved in the process and allows the injured worker to focus on recovering.

Another reason for hiring a lawyer is the strong negotiation skills they offer. Negotiating with the employer and insurance company is a big part of pursuing a workers’ compensation settlement. The insurance company must provide a decision letter within two weeks of the claim filing. If they deny the claim, they must provide the reason.

The Appeals Process

Injured workers have the right to appeal a decision that is not in their favor. Denials can be stressful for injured workers and can prolong the process of recovering the benefits they deserve.

If an appeal becomes necessary, it can involve negotiations between lawyers and clients. If the negotiations fail, an appeal hearing may take place so the judge can make a decision.

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