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Why Hiring an Injury Attorney In Boston, MA is the Right Thing to Do

After an accident takes place, there are often all sorts of assurances that the insurance company will take care of everything. All the injured party has to do is sign some papers and all will be well. Before signing anything, or even talking with the insurance provider of the responsible party, the best move is to engage the services of an Injury Attorney In Boston MA. Here is what the attorney will do to protect the interests of the client.

Creating a Line of Communication

One of the first things the Injury Attorney In Boston MA, will do is establish ground rules about discussions with the representatives of the insurance provider. Typically, this means no discussions take place unless the attorney is present. The goal is to ensure the injured party is not answered leading questions designed to shift at least part of the responsibility to the client. In some cases, the attorney may advise the client to provide the insurance provider with no more information than the name and contact information for the legal counsel.

Negotiating a Settlement

The insurance provider would love to settle the claim for the lowest amount possible. Whether that amount is enough to cover medical and other costs during the recovery period is moot. By contrast, the attorney will gather data from medical professionals to come up with a good idea of how much the overall treatments will cost. If the client is temporarily unable to work due to the injury, that will be taken into account.

In the best case scenario, the counsel for the insurance company will readily recognize that taking the matter to court could end up costing a lot of money, especially when there is no doubt about responsibility. That will lead to an equitable settlement and payment terms that allow a reasonable cash flow while the client recovers.

For anyone who has recently been involved in any type of accident, visit us and arrange for a consultation as soon as possible. Bring along any documentation relevant to the event, and provide as much detail as possible. Once the attorney is handling the matter, the client can focus on getting better.

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