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Why Would I Need to Hire a Probation Violation Attorney?

Have you recently been released from jail with the understanding that you will be on probation? If you have then you know that there are strict rules in places for people on probation and that breaking those rules will result in a probation violation. Probation is something that you should take just as seriously as the judge takes when they release you back into the public with the understanding that you will follow all of the rules and not end up back in the courtroom for a violating them. Violating your probation will likely get you incarcerated once again.

Some of the common probation rules require that you do the following:

     *     Meet with your probation officer on the scheduled agreement days and times appointed by the court.

     *     Attend counseling that is related to your offense.

     *     When asked by the court or probation officer to take a random drug test, you comply without argument.

     *     Stay within a certain area if you are released with an ankle monitor.

     *     Avoid contact with other known criminals.

     *     Pay regular payments on your fines.

Breaking any of the rules listed above will be considered a probation violation. On your first violation, you may get by with only a warning. However, if you repeatedly continue to break the rules and violations, chances are you will be going back to jail. If that is the case, you would need to consider seeking advice from a probation violation attorney. Having an attorney on your side could help your chances of getting a lesser sentence if the judge decides that you should be placed back into jail, or if you are not already on house arrest they may order that you wear the ankle monitor for an extended period of time to give you another chance.

Breaking the law while you are on probation only causes you twice as much trouble and punishment. If you feel that you should seek advice from a probation violation attorney at any point, do so. The attorneys at website would be happy to hear you out and decide whether or not then if they can further assist you in your case. Remember to always be 100% honest with any attorney as they are sticking their neck out for you to help you with a case that could be difficult.

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