Why You Should Use Veterans Benefits Lawyers to Appeal Your Claim

by | May 7, 2020 | Attorneys

If you believe you are entitled to compensation through the veterans’ administration, you may benefit from hiring veterans’ benefits lawyers in Alabama. While you can complete the required paperwork and send claims on your own, an attorney who is experienced in handling veterans’ claims and navigating the VA system can be an asset.

Why Use an Attorney to Handle Your Claim

When you or a loved one serves in the military, you become entitled to certain benefits. While it would be nice if you were able to claim those benefits with no issues, that does not always happen. Particularly in situations where disability is claimed, you may find that you must prove your claim and even then, it may be denied.

Working with your healthcare provider should provide the documentation you need to prove your disability claim, but that is not always how it works. The Veterans Administration has a formula they use to determine percentages of disability and what qualifies for disability. Disability can be awarded for both physical and mental conditions. You may think that a diagnosis and treatment plan from your healthcare provider will provide all the documentation needed to justify your claim, but that is not always the case.

If you believe that you qualify for veterans benefits and your claim has been denied, reaching out to veterans benefits lawyers in Alabama, such as Jackson & MacNichol, can provide the help you need to appeal your claim and get the benefits you deserve.

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