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If You’ve Been Injured at Work, A Workers Compensation Attorney in Green Bay, WI Will Protect Your Rights

In 1911, Wisconsin passed the state’s first Workers Compensation law (WC Act). Before this law was passed, an injured worker had to sue the employer for lost wages and medical compensation – a less than perfect solution. Workers Comp is a “no-fault” system that doesn’t require an injured worker to prove the employer’s negligence. Employers benefit because the amount of money that an injured worker can recover is limited.

What Workers Compensation Covers

Workers are entitled to recover:

• Compensation for a certain amount of lost wages

• The costs of necessary medical treatment

• Restricted disability payments

• Vocational rehabilitation retraining

What Workers Compensation Does Not Cover

Workers are not entitled to compensation for:

• Pain and suffering

• The loss of enjoyment of life

• Other damages that might be awarded by a jury in a civil case

In over 100 years, the WC Act has been changed and refined numerous times, becoming cumbersome and frustrating to deal with. Every Workers Compensation Attorney in Green Bay WI has encountered numerous instances of the many rules and regulations being interpreted or ignored in ways that do not benefit injured workers.

Medical Expenses

Paying an injured worker’s “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses is one of the most important reasons that Workers Comp exists. Unfortunately, “reasonable and necessary” may not mean the same thing to a Workers Comp insurance company as it does to someone suffering from workplace injuries.

Disability Claims

An employee is entitled to be seen by the Wisconsin doctor of choice with the option of obtaining a second opinion. The worker’s medical records are a crucial component of any disability claim. Unfortunately, not all doctors are equally experienced in understanding the requirements of Workers Compensation claims.

The treating doctor’s written opinion on matters such as the cause of the injury, the worker’s ability to perform the job and whether or not the damage is permanent are critically important. When an experienced Workers Comp attorney understands the implications of the worker’s injury and communicates with the doctor about the full extent of the injury and the implications for the future, this ensures that medical records are as helpful as possible.

If you’ve been injured at work, an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney in Green Bay WI will fight to protect your rights under the Workers Compensation law. Don’t be mistreated by the insurance company or your employer. Contact the Brabazon Law Office LLC for a free initial consultation.

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