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Advice That Your Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Will Offer

One of the smartest moves you made after your injury was to retain the services of a lawyer. Now the best thing to do is pay close attention to what your rideshare accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale has to say. Here are three pieces of advice that you should take to heart.

The first concerns communications with the party responsible for your injury. All attempts to interact with you should be referred to your legal counsel. Other than providing the lawyer’s contact information, you should say nothing to the other party. Even what appears to be casual inquiries about your health should be avoided. The less said to the other party, the lower the odds of something you say being used against your claim.

Another thing your rideshare accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is likely to mention is how much you tell others about the case and your condition. Other than the medical professionals who are treating you, it’s best to keep all references to your health or the pending legal action as vague as possible.

Last, be completely open with your legal counsel about all things to do with the events surrounding the personal injury. The same is true with everything that the medical team has to say about your health, present treatment, and any treatments that may be needed in the future. All this information will help your lawyer determine how much compensation to seek.

Remember that you have a personal injury lawyer who is invested in protecting your rights and interest. Do what you can to cooperate, and the odds of things working out in your favor are much higher.

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