Bicycle Injury Lawyers in Avondale, AZ Wants Clients to Understand Bicycle Laws

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Lawyers

A lot of people ride bicycles in this day and age. Some ride as a form of recreation and exercise at the same time. Some use bicycles as their principal means of transportation. This means there are a lot more people on the highway who are danger of having a collision with a car, truck or motorcycle. If that is the case, personal injury lawsuits are likely to ensue. There are Bicycle Injury Lawyers in Avondale AZ who help clients that have been injured in an accident while on their bicycles. These are some things bicycle riders need to understand about the law in Arizona.

Before making a decision to file a personal injury lawsuit, bicyclists need to make sure they have followed the codes specifically prescribed for cyclists. Bicyclists are not allowed to ride their bikes on sidewalks or pedestrian pathways unless a sign is posted authorizing them to do so. For the most part, bicyclists are suggested not to ride under a underpass, especially when there is a sign prohibiting such. Bicyclists are given the same rights of the road as a regular vehicle driver and must strictly adhere to them.

If deciding to file a lawsuit anyway, injured parties must remember they have two years to file their lawsuit in an Arizona civil court or they will lose their opportunity to be heard. They also will not be able to collect any damages. The parties must also keep in mind that the other party can file a claim against them, deeming them partly responsible for the accident. If this is the case, any damages that will be received will be reduced by the percentage the injured party is found at fault.

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