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Choosing a Criminal Lawyer Putnam CT

Whenever someone has been arrested for a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony charge, the need for a defense or criminal lawyer is critical. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate a complicated legal system. Anyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty and a defense attorney helps protect that right.

Cases Requiring Help from a Criminal Lawyer

Most arrest charges fall into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. However, on occasion, certain crimes have degrees of severity from a misdemeanor (less serious) to a felony (more serious). Whether you are facing a DUI or a murder charge, a criminal defense attorney can help you and your family understand the nature of the pending charges.

Having an Attorney Present in Court

After charges are brought and an arrest is made, the court process begins. From day one, an attorney can be vital to making sure that you understand the procedures and that your rights are protected. Trying to travel the judicial system on your own in a criminal case probably will not have the best outcome. Representation by an experienced defense attorney could mean a difference between incarceration versus fines or other outcomes.

Local Legal Representation

A local defense attorney is probably the best choice when you need representation. Local attorneys are usually up-to-date on local and state criminal laws and can provide the best guidance in cases of criminal charges. Additionally, they are familiar with the local court system which can be beneficial. Please call Bates and Roper, Attorneys at Law at Phone No or through Website Domain if you or a family member needs a criminal lawyer Putnam CT.

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