When to Consider Veterans Benefits Lawyers, Find an Experienced One in Ohio

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Lawyers

After you’ve filled out your application and sent it in, you may be thinking that everything is on the road to being better. Then, you receive a letter that denies your claim, and you worry if you did something wrong. In most cases, a minor technicality is to blame, but Ohio residents may also not have enough supporting evidence to back up their claim. Either way, veteran’s benefits lawyers are there to help you through the process.

When to Hire

Changes to VA law make it allowable to hire an attorney once you initiate the appeal process. Once you get your NOD from your RO, you can hire someone to help you through the appeals process.

Why Advocacy is Best

Many Ohio residents wonder why they need professional help. In short, you should consider veteran’s benefits lawyers because the regulations and laws about Veteran’s Affairs are complex. The Board of Appeals has a lawyer at every appeal, so it makes sense that you have representation, as well.

Many times, the process itself is lengthy, sometimes taking six months or more to get through each stage. When you have legal counsel available, they can help make the process faster and smoother.

Better Chance of Success

You have a variety of agencies and options available to help you through this difficult time. However, people who are represented by an attorney have lower denial rates (17.7 percent), which is below the average of denial rates (24.2 percent), according to a study from 2011. Therefore, you may be successful with your first appeal and won’t have to go through the appeals process again.

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