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Custody Laws in Las Vegas NV and Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships With the Children

There are many specific issues that Custody Laws in Las Vegas NV do not address. Parents and their lawyers either work out their agreements outside of court or have a judge make decisions for them. Once an agreement is in place, each parent is expected to abide by it. Trying to interfere with shared custody arrangements or court-ordered visitation can lead to legal trouble.

Shared Physical Custody

A handful of states have laws mandating that physical custody be shared as equally as possible. Custody Laws in Las Vegas NV do not require this, but family courts encourage parents to both be active in their children’s lives so the relationships remain strong. Parents who live in the same general area may be able to split physical custody 50-50 or nearly so, but that’s generally not feasible when they live a significant distance apart.

A Changing Situation

Nevertheless, parents increasingly share custody to a certain point, even if they live 100 or more miles apart. Both parents have to be reasonable about the situation as the youngsters get older. By the time those kids are in high school, they may not feel too thrilled about having to go stay with Mom or Dad in another town every other weekend. They may not want to spend most of the summer away from the place they consider home.

Yet the parent who does not live in the child’s school district doesn’t want to have their relationship reduced to occasional sporadic visits. Demanding that the status quo remain the same even when the children are upset about it can lead to a court battle. Family courts in Nevada consider the wishes of the children. Letting the situation progress this far may cause serious damage to the relationship.

Legal Representation

Even in the 21st Century, the children of divorce spend most of their time with the mother when they have a male and a female parent. The father may need to put more effort into the relationship by traveling to their home more frequently. If the other parent is setting up roadblocks, representation by a law firm such as Pintar Albiston LLP is an option. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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