Should Defendants Hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Oswego, IL?

DUI is a serious criminal act, and it puts many lives at risk. Depending on factors such as BAC and prior criminal history, a person could face high fines and a lengthy jail sentence. It’s often in a client’s best interest to hire a drunk driving lawyer in Oswego, IL, but it won’t make a difference in some cases. The following sections can help clients determine whether they should hire a lawyer and when.

When a Lawyer Isn’t Needed

Most first offenders don’t need a lawyer’s help if no injuries occurred and conviction is likely. In such situations, the client would likely plead guilty and face the standard administrative penalties and jail sentence. If the offender’s BAC is particularly high, or if the arresting officer noticed other proof of impairment, a conviction is likely to occur. When a client is in doubt about their case, a lawyer may provide a free evaluation.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Plea Bargain

If the prosecution’s case isn’t open-and-shut, a plea bargain may be possible. Court trials are expensive and time-consuming, and the state may accept a plea deal instead of taking a DUI case to trial. While it’s possible to perform a plea bargain without legal counsel, an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Oswego, IL can negotiate with the prosecutor for a more favorable outcome.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Lesser Sentence

In most cases, courts are willing to reduce DUI sentences in exchange for guilty pleas. For instance, if a person is facing charges for a subsequent DUI, they may face a long jail term. Instead of going to trial, prosecutors may offer a lesser sentence if the client pleads guilty. If the charges involve substances other than alcohol, a lawyer may be able to negotiate for reduced testing and probation requirements.

Get a Free Evaluation

It can be hard to decide whether to hire an attorney when facing DUI charges. While a lawyer can help clients defend against flimsy charges, it’s not necessary in every case. Clients can learn more about their cases today by visiting website to schedule a free evaluation.

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