Divorce Lawyers in Temecula Help Parents Arrange Bird’s Nest Custody

Divorce lawyers in Temecula help parents figure out the best option for shared child custody and document their arrangement with the court. Typically, the kids are shuttled between two homes within the same school district. A more recent arrangement involves the children staying put in one home and their folks taking turns moving in and out. This can provide youngsters with more stability.

The Bird’s Nest Arrangement

The arrangement, known as the bird’s nest, is especially helpful when the children are teenagers. At that age, they may be less flexible about having to move back and forth from one home to another. They like having all their stuff in one place, and they prefer spending their time with friends in their neighborhood. It feels weird to be transferred from one place to another every few days. divorce lawyers in Temecula help mothers and fathers create an agreement that can satisfy everyone in the family.

Location of the Nest

It is also beneficial when the bird’s nest is close to the neighborhood where the kids have been residing with both parents. It may be possible for that family home to be the bird’s nest, with each parent spending a few days there each week. Everyone feels more comfortable in this familiar environment.

Possible Problems: Cost and Inconvenience

Usually, the main reason people have trouble with this possibility is the cost. Instead of each person maintaining one household, they have an extra home in the mix. All those bills have to be paid too. Also, a third home means more housekeeping and other types of maintenance, which is an inconvenience factor. Nevertheless, if the parents can get past these issues and can figure out how to afford it without hardship, the bird’s nest may prove to be the best solution for the kids.

To make this situation affordable, a spouse who has not been in the workforce for several years may need to return. That’s often the case when a divorce occurs anyway, though. Anyone interested in developing this type of arrangement can visit the website of the Law Office of Michelle Penna.

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