Encounter With A Mean Dog? Talk To A Dog Bite Attorney In Spokane WA Today

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When looking at a little fluffy puppy, most can’t imagine that it has the potential to turn into an aggressive and snippy dog, but unfortunately, it does. Some dogs are more prone to biting than others, but all dogs can bite with or without any provocation. Dog bites occur everyday to adults and more commonly, to children. Of course, if bitten by a dog, the owner is responsible for certain expenditures the injured party incurs, such as medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering. A dog bite case can be difficult if the dog belongs to a family member, a friend or neighbor, but laws are stated that the dog’s owner is responsible for any damages their dog has caused, no matter the circumstances. Because of this difficult situation, it’s usually recommended to speak to a dog bite attorney in Spokane WA, to ensure the injured gets all they deserve.

A dog bite can be a serious injury, especially if it is a deep puncture wound or a tear. These bites can be difficult to heal and a deep puncture wound is easily prone to infection. As soon as possible after the injury has occurred, the injured should seek medical care. This is imperative to help avoid infection. A professional cleaning of the wound, along with antibiotics, if necessary, will help prevent complications. The dog’s owner is responsible for the medical bills. If they do not agree to payment, it will be necessary to consult with a Dog Bite Attorney in Spokane WA to force their hand.

With a particularly bad dog bite, their may be more damages than just physical and financial loss, there may be emotional scars, especially with children. Their smaller stature contributes to many dog bites in the face or upper body, possibly causing a lifelong fear of dogs and sometimes permanent scarring on the face, neck or chest area. An attorney knows how to handle a situation such as this, both protecting the child and ensuring they receive adequate compensation for their long-lasting distress.

If bitten by a dog, after medical care is initialized, it’s important to speak to an attorney to find more information regarding dog bites and dog bite laws in general. Hiring an attorney will ensure that the victim’s rights are protected, and they receive the compensation they deserve, without a doubt.

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