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Filing a Personal Injury Claim through an Attorney in Junction City, KS

Consumers in Kansas are protected under state and federal laws that prevent manufacturers from taking advantage of consumers and releasing hazardous or dangerous products on the market. When these consumers become injured during the use of these products an attorney in Junction City, KS, steps in to help them file a formal claim.

Securing Credible Medical Evidence

Consumers should acquire a copy of all medical records related to their injuries. They need these records to present to the court as evidence of their injuries. These records clarify how the injuries occurred and show the liability of the manufacturer. They also identify the severity of the victim’s injuries and define the risk to others.

Contacting the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The next step is to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. An attorney can file a report with this agency identifying the risk to consumers. If the agency identifies a serious risk to consumers, they may issue a product recall for the item. They may also perform tests to determine where the error originated.

Identifying the Flaw or Error in the Design

Testing defines if the flaw or error was the result of assembly or if the manufacturer was aware of these conditions previously. Errors during the assembly process are corrected through a return of the product. If repairs are needed, the recall information specifies what is needed.

If the error existed within the design, the manufacturer knew about the risk to consumers. This makes them liable for any injuries sustained by consumers. If this occurs, more victims may come forward, and a class-action lawsuit is needed.

Proving the Liability of the Manufacturer

The attorney presents all information about the investigation in court. By proving the liability of the manufacturer, they prove their client’s case. This proof could result in a large monetary award for the victim.

Kansas victims of product’s liabilities need to file a formal claim to collect compensation. These claims allow them to fight against unethical manufacturers. Victims who need to file a formal claim should contact an attorney in Junction City, KS, through the Oleen Law Firm, or visit the website for more information.

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