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Filing A Claim For An Animal Attack Through Personal Injury Attorneys In Davie, FL

In Florida, pet owners must follow all applicable laws related to securing their animals. These laws are in place to prevent serious injuries for their neighbors or guests. They also apply to service technicians who perform services at the pet owner’s home. The following are questions about filing a claim for an animal attack through Personal Injury Attorneys in Davie FL.

When is a Pet OwPersonal Injury Attorneys in Davie FLner Liable for a Dog Attack?

The pet owner is liable if they fail to follow adequate precautions. Any dog-related injuries that occur while the individual is inside or outside the home are the responsibility of the owner. They are liable for their injuries and medical costs. They are not liable for any injuries sustained due to a home invasion or trespassing.

What Happens When Medical Treatment is Provided?

The doctor evaluates the victim’s injuries and provides proper treatment. They will also notify animal control officers to report the attack and identify the owner. The animal control officer must send notice to the pet owner and require immediate evidence for rabies vaccinations.

What is a Quarantine Period?

A quarantine period is required when the pet owner doesn’t have a valid shot record for the dog. The period lasts up to twelve days and must determine if the dog has rabies or exhibits any aggressive behaviors. The report is created by a licensed vet and returned to the animal control officer.

How Do Strict Liabilities Affect the Case?

The strict liabilities apply if the animal was involved in previous attacks. When these liabilities apply, the pet owner must pay all medical expenses for the victim as well as tort-based awards for pain and suffering. In some cases, the animal is euthanized according to the animal control officer’s specifications.

In Florida, pet owners must lower the risks associated with their dogs. These risks could include serious injuries that could disfigure or cause a loss of limb. They could also become fatal for these victims. Victims of these events may contact Personal Injury Attorneys in Davie FL by visiting Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. for more information today.

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