Filing For Disability Is Easier With the Social Security Legal Service in Luzerne County, PA

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Lawyers

It is the right of every American citizen to file for disability when they can no longer work because of a physical or mental condition. When a person files, they can sometimes be unfairly denied benefits. This is why it is important individuals seek help from a Social Security Legal Service in Luzerne County PA.

What Can Be Expected When Filing For Disability?

When a person files for disability, they will have to fill out paperwork to ensure they provide the Social Security Administration with all of the required information. Sometimes, applications are denied because the applicant did not fill out all of their paperwork or provide the requested information.

Applicants that are denied benefits have the right to seek an appeal. The first appeal is carried out when the applicant calls or requests an appeal by mail. If a second denial is given, a second appeal must be pursued, which means an administrative law hearing before a judge.

The process of filing for disability is often lengthy and qualifying people are sometimes denied. Getting a lawyer involved in the process will help a person to avoid needless delays and denials that can impede the process of them receiving the benefits they deserve.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

If a person is ready to file for disability, it behooves them to meet with a lawyer for a consultation appointment. This will help them to understand the law regarding filing and what they will need to provide as evidence of their disability.

Those who have been denied should especially consider meeting with a lawyer so they can receive guidance in their appeal’s process. A lawyer will help their client be prepared for the court process so they can avoid issues that would lead to an unfavorable outcome.

This will allow the victim to be prepared for the questions they may be asked by the administrative law judge. Those who are pursuing compensation are urged to seek the Social Security Legal Service in Luzerne County PA right away.

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