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Your First Meeting With A Tampa Bay Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most important factors to consider when sharing information with your Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer is that more complete and honest you are in sharing information the better prepared your attorney will be in negotiation or litigation.

Too often people hold back information from their Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer because they believe it is detrimental or unfavorable to their case. While it may be human nature to try only to provide the facts that help your case, not providing information can be very damaging and can result in a lower settlement than may have been possible.

Full disclosure to your attorney is the key to maximizing the option for winning your case. This is true for settling the case out of court through direct negotiation or mediation as well as if it does need to go through to a trial. Not providing information to your attorney prevents your legal representative from being able to prepare properly.


Keep in mind that your Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer will explain attorney-client privilege. This means that the attorney will not share any information you provide with anyone if it is confidential in nature.

Examples of information that you may consider confidential that should be shared with your attorney include:

  • Past driving record – if you have DWI/DUIs, traffic tickets and any other criminal charges, be sure to share this information with your attorney. They may or may not be relevant to the case the insurance company will present.
  • Past accidents and injuries – if you have had past injuries tell your attorney as the insurance company will often try to blame current health issues on past injuries or pre-existing conditions.
  • Share other situations in your life – if you are filing for bankruptcy or going through a divorce, tell your personal injury attorney. This can impact how the settlement award is structured.

Talk openly to your attorney once you have confirmed the attorney-client privilege. If you have any concerns if the information is protected, get their confirmation before sharing.

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