Four Steps You Need to Take Before Hiring Auto Accident Lawyers in Honolulu

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents can dramatically affect a person’s life and can often leave behind injuries and disabilities that last a lifetime. When a serious accident has caused injuries and damages, it behooves a person to seek help from the Auto Accident Lawyers in Honolulu. The sooner a victim consults a lawyer, the sooner they can seek the compensation the law says they are entitled to.

These four steps should be taken before hiring a lawyer.

     *     A victim needs to make sure they gather the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses to the accident. These can prove helpful in substantiating fault in an auto accident and can be subpoenaed if needed in a trial. The Auto Accident Lawyers in Honolulu will ask for eyewitness information so victims need to make sure they are prepared to provide it.

     *     Checking over the police report and making sure there are no errors is vital before hiring a lawyer. If any errors are found in the report, it is wise the victim contacts the police officer who drew up the report so they can request corrections be made. The lawyer will ask for the police report, which can be beneficial in proving liability in an auto accident.

     *     Medical reports are crucial for providing evidence in an auto accident injury claim. If a person cannot obtain all of their medical records, they can sign a medical release with their lawyer so they can be requested. Should a victim have any medical records, test results, or other information to supply, this can be helpful for starting a claim.

     *     It is vital a victim makes daily notes detailing their doctor’s appointments, symptoms, pain levels, and treatments. Detailed notes can provide the lawyer with the information they need to be able to decide on the level of measurable damages their client has suffered.

These four tips can allow an injured auto accident victim to be better prepared for hiring the Auto Accident Lawyers in Honolulu. Those who would like to learn more information on how a lawyer can help should visit Yoshida & Associates has been working for over thirty years to ensure their clients receive fair compensation.

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