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Frequently Asked Questions About Deportation Laws in Manhattan, KS

Kansas has an immigrant population of just over 7% but the manufacturing industry relies on these residents for almost 18% of its workforce. While most immigrants in Kansas arrived in the state legally, around one-third of these residents are undocumented. Those who have family members or friends in the United States illegally should make a point of familiarizing themselves with Deportation Laws in Manhattan KS.

What is Deportation?

Deportation is the removal of immigrants to Kansas who have not arrived in the country via legal means. The Department of Homeland Security brings illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin, but only after they have been allowed a deportation hearing.

What Agency is Responsible for Deportations?

ICE, short for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is the U.S. agency tasked with handling deportation cases. The bureau’s agency works with other law enforcement officers to find immigrants they believe to be in the country illegally.

What Is the Deportation Process Like?

Once someone in the country illegally has been discovered by ICE, an agent will detain him or her. Deportation Laws in Manhattan KS allow some detained persons awaiting their deportation hearings to be released on their own recognizance or on bond. Sometimes, people are deported almost immediately, while others attend multiple hearings prior to finding out their fates.

Who Decides Whether Deportation is Appropriate?

While ICE is the agency responsible for finding and detaining illegal immigrants, those who are eligible to fight their cases will do so before an immigration judge. It is the courts, not ICE, that decide who can stay and who must leave.

What Happens in Court?

The first step in the deportation process is referred to as a master hearing. During this hearing, the Department of Homeland Security holds the burden of proving that the person who has been detained has violated U.S. immigration laws.

Those who have applications to file contesting their deportations will also attend a second hearing, called an individual/merits hearing. During this court proceeding, the person will present evidence that he or she is eligible for getting legal immigration status.

What’s the Best Way to Win a Deportation Case?

The best thing for illegal immigrants to do is to find a lawyer who can help them prepare for their hearings and file petitions on their behalf. Check out to learn about one local law office that can help today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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