Get Needed Compensation from Onglyza Side Effects Lawsuit

by | May 4, 2016 | Lawyers

When taking a drug prescribed by a doctor, many people trust that this medication is safe for them to use. Unfortunately, most medications come with a long list of side effect. Many of these side effects are listed with the information given at the pharmacy. In addition, a doctor may have the list of side effects to help a patient consider the risks of the medicine. However, if the pharmaceutical company does not provide the complete information concerning all potential side effects, a person may be at risk for serious complications without any warning. This is the case with the Onglyza Side Effects Lawsuits. These suits are based on the fact that the company that makes this drug did not disclose certain dangerous side effects.

Onglyza is a drug prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that, left untreated can lead to death. For this reason, many doctors prescribe medications that may have serious side effects. However, the doctor usually compares the risk of these side effects with the problems the patient is having. If the problem outweighs the risks, the doctor will proceed to prescribe. Unfortunately, with Onglyza, risks for heart failure were possible side effects that were not disclosed. This led to many people taking this medication without knowing the risks. Injuries and deaths have been reported due to this medication. It has caused the Food and Drug Administration to vote for Onglyza to update their warning label to show this risk of heart failure.

This updated label will allow doctors and patients to determine if the risk of Onglyza is worth the benefits. Unfortunately, many people before this update did not have that option. Those patients or families that were injured by this now have recourse. The Onglyza Side Effects Lawsuits have been started to get compensation for those that have experienced heart failure from this drug. The drug company did not warn patients of this problem and should pay compensation for their inaction. Any person who took this medication and experienced heart failure should seek assistance in becoming part of this lawsuit. In addition, anyone who has had a loved one die because of this medication should also be a part of this litigation. For more information about this and other cases, you can visit website.

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