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Helping Canoga Park Injury Victims Interact With Insurance Companies

It is common to hear from people who have tried to settle a personal injury case with an insurance company on their own. In most cases, they do not get a good offer. To make matters worse, some have done or said things that have damaged their case permanently.

A personal injury attorney in Canoga Park may have insight into dealing with insurance companies that the accident victim may not. Something that many people are surprised to learn is that when they talk to an insurance company adjuster, the call is not only recorded, but the information is saved. Anything that the injured individual says could be used against them.

Insurance adjusters have a keen sense for picking out a couple of damaging sentences from a 30-minute conversation. This is why it is preferable to allow a personal injury attorney in Canoga Park to speak for the injured individual. The attorney knows what to say and what not to say. An added benefit is that the attorney is not called as a witness. If the case goes before a jury, the attorney won’t be cross-examined on the things that they said.

Attorneys may be able to advise their clients on which doctors to visit and which ones to avoid. This is because some doctors work for the insurance industry. They could tailor their reports to favor the insurance company as opposed to the victim.

You can turn to the personal injury lawyers at The Law Office of Scott D. Oppenheim for the help you need. They provide assertive legal representation for injury victims.

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