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Hire a Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO to Fight a Citation

Some traffic tickets can be fought while others cannot. The driver’s success in fighting a traffic citation depends on the type issued. As a ticket-fighting alternative, drivers can elect to pay fines and attend traffic school to keep points off their driving record. Some decide not to challenge tickets because losing means paying fines and court costs in addition to the citation cost.

Deciding Whether to Fight a Ticket

A defendant’s first step is to determine the charges they’re facing. In some cases, police aren’t knowledgeable of the law, and the driver’s acts don’t constitute a violation. Some officers are so concerned with other aspects of the job that they don’t stay up-to-date on traffic laws, and mistakes are common. A Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO can find procedural mistakes and use them to the client’s advantage.

Understanding the Charges

Traffic laws are widely available online, which makes it easy to do research. Simply reviewing each part of the relevant law can help a driver determine which charges they’re facing, and it may clarify whether the person has a valid reason to challenge the citation.

Other Questions to be Asked

  *    Did the officer have an obstructed view? If so, the driver’s attorney can argue that the officer could not possibly have seen the offense occur.

  *    Was the right car stopped? It’s common for officers to see one driver commit a violation and to mistakenly stop another, similar looking vehicle.

  *    Was the defendant driving safely? In some areas, the law says that drivers may slightly exceed the posted speed limit if it is safe.

  *    Did the officer make a mistake? A provable, actual error in an officer’s methodology can give a driver a reason to challenge a citation.

Does a Driver Have a Chance Against the Officer in the Courtroom?

The judge is obligated to listen to each side of the story. If a person has a valid defense against a traffic citation, there’s no real advantage for the police officer. As long as the case is presented according to the law and to the facts, the driver has a chance of success. However, if the officer doesn’t appear in court, the driver wins by default. If one is considering challenging a citation, a Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO will explain the law and how the judge will approach it. An attorney with Visit the website can help the client undermine the officer’s credibility.

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