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When Should You Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?

Workers comp in the United States is a type of insurance that an employer carries; the insurance provides an amount of money equal to his or her wages and medical benefits in the event of an injury sustained at work. To benefit from workers comp, the injured employee must relinquish his or her rights to sue for negligence. Knowing this to be the case, it may be difficult for an injured employee to know if there is any reason to hire a Chicago workers compensation attorney.

When you simply look at workers comp for what it is supposed to be it looks simple. However; in many cases a seasoned workers comp attorney is required to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are granted. There are specific reasons why you should hire a workers comp attorney.

Denial of claim: Employers know that their annual insurance premium will go up if there are excessive claims made against the policy. It is not unusual for an employer to simply contend that the injury you sustained did not happen at work. There are also times when a worker may fear for his or her job and they fail to report the incident for some weeks later, this too can lead to a denial of claim.

Delay in paying certain benefits: If you feel your benefits are being purposely delayed or even withheld, an attorney can find out why and move it along. Never accept a denial of workers comp benefits before you consult with a Chicago workers compensation attorney.

Third party claim: It is not rare for the injury to be caused by negligence from someone not employed by the company or from a defective piece of equipment or product.  A seasoned workers comp attorney can bring a case against them, suing for compensation over and above your workers comp benefits.

Hiring a Chicago workers compensation attorney is the best way to ensure that you will get everything you deserve when you have been injured on the job.

If you believe you are not getting the workers comp benefits you deserve or if there is a third party involved, you need to hire a Chicago workers compensation attorney to ensure you get satisfaction. For a free case evaluation you are invited to contact the Shea Law Group at Follow us on Google+.

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