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How a DUI Lawyer in Williston ND Might Have Charges Dismissed

Although it won’t be possible in every case, there are times when a DUI lawyer in Williston ND area can have the charges a person is facing dismissed. This means that the person is no longer facing the penalties for the DUI and won’t have a criminal record of the offense. When this is possible, it’s typically due to suppression of evidence and a lack of evidence to try the case.

Suppression of Evidence

There are laws surrounding the collection of evidence, what an officer can and cannot do, and when a person can legally be pulled over. It’s difficult for the average person to know and understand all of these laws, but a lawyer can. The lawyer will look at all of the evidence in the case to see if any of it was wrongfully obtained. If it was, the lawyer may be able to have the evidence suppressed. When evidence is suppressed, it means that it cannot be used in court as evidence against the person.

Lack of Evidence to Try a Case

If the lawyer can get some or all of the evidence suppressed, the case may be dismissed due to a lack of evidence to try the case. This means that the prosecution or judge agrees to drop the charges because they know there isn’t enough evidence any longer to secure a conviction. If the case is dismissed for lack of evidence, the person won’t have the arrest on their record and will not have to worry about the potential penalties. A lawyer can help a person understand their chances of having enough evidence suppressed to be able to have the charges dismissed/

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, it never hurts to contact a DUI Lawyer in Williston ND to see if this might apply in your case. Even if it doesn’t, they can help minimize the penalties you’re facing and perhaps have the charged lowered so it doesn’t show on a criminal background check. For more information about your current situation, contact a DUI Lawyer now. They’ll be able to review your case and let you know if it’s possible to have the charges dismissed or lowered depending on your specific situation.

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