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How a NY Bedsore Lawyer in Nassau County Will Handle Your Case

A NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County will determine if law violations contributed to your loved one’s injury. They will need to see if there was proper supervision, enough staffing, and if there was a failure on the facility’s part in allowing your loved one to develop bedsores.

How It Happened

The first step in your case will be investigating how the bedsore happened and progressed. The bedsore law firm in Nassau County will need to know who was responsible for the treatment and what they did or didn’t do. They may depose witnesses, such as nurses, doctors, or other medical staff involved with your treatment.

Investigate the Facility and Procedures

When your loved one is a bedsore victim, they will have lost a great deal of blood, which can lead to anemia and create additional health problems. In addition, bedsores also carry a high risk of infection.

A skilled NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County will investigate the facility’s policies and procedures for handling these injuries. They will look at whether there was any negligence on behalf of the facility.

Staffing Issues

Lawyers must also determine if there was enough staffing to care for your loved one. The amount of staff needed at a facility depends on the number and type of patients. What was the patient/staff ratio, and how much time does each staff member has to care for each patient?


One of the most crucial pieces of evidence is documentation that was kept about your loved one’s condition. The documentation may have been generated by a hospital, clinic, or another facility where your loved one received treatment. All this information is critical to the investigation and will help determine whether there was neglect or negligence on behalf of the person being investigated.

If you need to see a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County, visit Sinel & Olesen, PLLC to learn more.

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