How to Ensure that You Are Not Being Tricked when Buying a Car

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Lawyers

If you have bought a car recently and you think it might not be the same as it was represented, then you have options. The key is to not accept a broken vehicle that was advertised poorly. Thanks to the Virginia Lemon Law, you have the ability to get a refund, compensation, or free repairs. Here is what you should know about the Virginia Lemon Law and how it allows you to get made whole:

Understand the Small Print

There are all kinds of tricks that dealers will try to pull. One of the most common ones is for them to put something in the small print. They do this hoping that you will not read it. Of course, if you really look into it, you might find clauses that you don’t agree with or that they didn’t mention.

It Must Be Working

Your car cannot simply stop working after you drive it away. There is a certain amount of days that it must be working for to be legally acceptable. This can vary by state, however.

It Has to Be Represented Accurately

Your dealer cannot lie about the vehicle. They must be honest about everything they know about it. If you feel you have been lied to, then it’s time to get legal representation.

When it comes to laws, they are there for you to use to be protected. Do not be tricked out of using your rights just because a car dealer is persuasive and aggressive. By understanding that you can get compensation, you will have the power to determine if you will accept a car or not. So never ignore the Lemon Laws, and be sure to get a professional involved.

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