If You Should Need a Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Holland, MI

All traffic accidents have the potential to be bad, even fatal, but accidents that occur with motorcycles tend to be worse. If a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, in most states, the laws differ than they do for accidents with other motor vehicles, such as cars and trucks. A Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Holland MI assists clients with legal advice who have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Here is a look at some things that should be known when involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan.

Motorcycle Accident Law in Michigan

If a motorcyclist is injured in a traffic accident, there are circumstances where no-fault benefits can be collected, according to the laws in Michigan regarding motorcycles. If the accident occurs with a vehicle that is not parked, the motorcyclist can receive the no-fault benefits, and if the motorcyclist is the title owner of the motorcycle, insurance must be on the cycle. If the vehicle is parked, the motorcyclist cannot collect no-fault benefits but can purchase PIP (personal injury protection) insurance to be covered.

More about Motorcycle Accident Law in Michigan

If the motorcyclist is in an accident with a pedestrian, there will be no opportunity to collect the no-fault benefits for the motorcyclist or the pedestrian. If the accident is a third-party accident, meaning another party caused the accident, a lawsuit may be possible to be filed. The motorcyclist will have three years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit, according to the statute of limitations. If a motorcyclist wants to pursue a lawsuit for a motorcycle accident, it would be wise to contact an attorney to see what options are available.

An Attorney in Michigan for a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

There are many attorneys and law firms throughout Michigan who can advise clients on available options for a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Bleakley Law Offices P C is a law firm in the Holland, Michigan area that represents clients with motorcycle accident cases. If a person needs a Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Holland MI, the law firm is available and can be reached on the website.

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