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Important Considerations When Having a Case Handled by a Personal Injury Protection Lawyer in Winter Park FL

After someone has been seriously injured in an automobile accident due to someone else’s negligence, that driver’s automotive insurance company is supposed to pay compensation. A similar situation occurs when someone is injured on commercial property; the insurance company for the business property should pay all related expenses. Hiring a Personal Injury Protection Lawyer in Winter Park FL may be necessary if the insurer disputes the claim.

Inadequate Settlement Amounts

The injured person may have been offered some money by the insurance company but may be dissatisfied with the amount. The amount offered may not pay for all the expenses, including the income that was lost during the weeks or months of recovery from the accident.

Detailed Notes

After a lawyer and individual decide to work together, the personal injury protection lawyer in Winter Park FL may ask the client to make detailed notes about the accident and what has transpired afterward. The person may have already done so, but if not, this is useful information to support the case.


The client should tell the attorney everything that might have some bearing on the case. That includes information about a previous injury that the insurer may have discovered. If there is any valid reason for the insurer to believe the injured person was partly at fault, this should be discussed.

Improved Results

The injured person may contact a law firm such as Florida Advocates, which focuses on resolving claim disputes and denials by insurance companies. This typically involves negotiating reasonable settlements, but the lawyers will file a lawsuit and bring the case to trial if necessary. Get more information at the website.

In many instances, once a lawyer contacts the insurance company, the adjusters appear to have a swift change of opinion about the case. They may now offer a settlement when they previously had denied any compensation, or they may boost their settlement offer to one that is more acceptable to the client. Insurance companies would prefer not to go to court over these matters if they can avoid it. They know an attorney would not have accepted the injured person as a client if this were not a good case.

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