Important Information on Hiring a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Tucson

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Lawyers

Although many injured victims try to pursue a claim alone, it is important they consider working with a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Tucson. Although working with a lawyer will not guarantee the outcome of any claim, it can allow injured victims to have peace of mind as they make important decisions in their settlement process. A lawyer can help a person whether they are dealing with the insurance company or pursuing a claim in court. Since the lawyer becomes the victim’s advocate, they work to make sure they are treated fairly and given the full compensation their injuries and damages deserve.

There are several key pieces of evidence an injured person needs to pursue a claim:

  • Police report
  • Medical report
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Medical professional statements
  • Videos
  • Photos

It is important a person brings as much evidence as they can when they meet with their motor vehicle accident lawyer in Tucson. The lawyer will need this information to begin formulating a case whether a settlement is offered by the insurance company or a court date ends up getting scheduled. When the lawyer takes over the case, they will begin investigating to gather information and pieces of evidence that can be used. They will also often research case precedents that may be used to pursue a claim in court.

The outcome of any accident claim will depend on the method of settlement. The case may be settled with an insurance offer or the lawyer may need to file a complaint in court. In most cases, insurance companies prefer to avoid trials because of the expense. This can sometimes work towards a victim’s advantage, allowing them to be offered a higher settlement. If the lawyer is unhappy with the offer, a trial may be the only means of settling the claim with a fair outcome.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident you did not cause, now is the time to get legal help. Visit us website to learn more about your legal options. This site will give you the full information you need so you can begin making a sound decision on whether or not you should hire a lawyer to help you.

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