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Managing A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In Royal Palm Beach, FL

In Florida, a dog attack is mitigated when pet owners follow all local laws and take necessary precautions. If the dog attacks a human, the pet owner faces full responsibility for the victim’s injuries and medical expenses. A Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL provides guidance for victims of dog attacks.

Did the Victim Break the Law?

The victim must prove that they didn’t break the law. The victim must prove that they had the property owner’s permission to enter the exterior or interior of the property. Utility workers and other service providers have permission according to what services or duties they perform. However, any victim that didn’t have a lawful reason for being on or inside the property won’t receive any compensation for their injuries or expenses.

Were City Ordinances Violated?

The pet owner must follow all city ordinances such as leash laws that pertain to their dogs. Select cities and counties require the pet owner to utilize outdoor enclosures to secure their pets. The spaces prevent the dog from roaming free in neighborhoods and/or produce injuries. The pet owner faces fines for any city or county-based ordinances they violate.

Were the Injuries Life-Threatening?

If the victim’s injuries were life-threatening, the pet owner could face criminal charges. If the dog had a history of attacks, the pet owner could also face a strict liability. The information is available through the animal control officer’s office and/or the sheriff’s department. A strict liability provides victims with additional tort-based awards if they win their case.

Did the Dog Owner Vaccinate Their Pet?

The dog owner is required by law to acquire rabies vaccinations for the dog. If a dog attacks a human and isn’t vaccinated, the pet owner is required to surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a quarantine. The quarantine equates to the incubation period for the rabies virus. The pet owner incurs all charges related to the quarantine and vaccinating their pet.

In Florida, a dog attack that is caused by the owner’s negligence or failures presents legally actionable territory. The attack is reported to the county animal control after the victim seeks medical assistance. Victims of a dog attack can contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL or Click Here for more information now.

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