A Personal Injury Attorney In Pittsburgh, PA Will Help You Receive A Settlement

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Lawyers

Personal injuries can drastically change an individual’s life when they are unable to work or enjoy their daily life. The focus of an accident should be on a victim recovering from their injuries. A Personal Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh PA can meet a victim in the hospital or their home if they are unable to make an office visit.

A personal injury attorney can represent an individual who was the victim of another person’s negligent act in an automobile accident, truck accident, premises liability case, and many other types of situations. The attorney will treat every case differently because they understand the circumstances surrounding different cases are never the same.

Truck Accidents

The busy highways and extensive construction that happens around the area can easily result in a truck accident that causes serious injuries to an innocent individual. The size of the trucks is no match for an individual driving a car. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries like brain damage, broken bones, nerve damage, death, and other permanent injuries an individual will never completely recover from.

It requires an experienced personal injury lawyer to review the records of the truck, the maintenance, and the driver’s logbook. It is very important for an individual to contact an attorney as quickly as possible because evidence could be altered or lost by the negligent trucking company. The personal injury lawyer will make sure the evidence is preserved for the victim’s case.

Premises Liability

If an individual has been injured due to an unsafe situation involving someone else’s property, they could receive compensation for the injuries, lost wages, and medical bills. This type of case requires the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh PA. The attorney will protect the victim’s rights and diligently fight the insurance company to obtain the highest settlement possible for their injuries.

Although it would be nice if a negligent party would be honest about the situation that caused the injuries, this will rarely happen. A victim needs to focus on recovering from their injuries and let the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas fight to receive a fair settlement on behalf of the victim.

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