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Practical Legal Advice from Seasoned Workers Compensation Lawyers

Trying to get by with a disability that keeps a person from being able to work doing their usual duties can be challenging for many in this situation. Just because someone becomes injured while on the job does not mean that any workers’ compensation benefits automatically kick in. Take this helpful and practical legal advice from seasoned workers’ compensation lawyers in Minookafirst.

File for Workers Compensation Sooner Rather Than Risk Waiting

Many employers require injured employees to see company doctors. These medical professionals are often biased towards the company’s interests. Some will release the person back to work before they are ready. Additionally, there are often mental health-related issues that the victim must deal with before they are really ready to take on work again. Experienced and reliable workers compensation lawyers from Minooka advise clients to file a workers compensation claim as soon as possible.

Don’t Risk Your Future Health by Returning to Work Before You’re Ready

Most larger companies have lawyers on their payroll and trained professionals whose job is to try to find another reason why the person became injured so that the company doesn’t have to pay those workers a salary and medical bills. Don’t risk your future health by returning to work just because the company attorneys or risk managers put the pressure on victims.

Don’t Agree Verbally or In Writing to Any Settlement Offer

Consult with an attorney before agreeing to a settlement. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell PC today.

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