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Qualifications for Disability in Temecula, CA

According to reports from the Social Security Administration, 56 million adults live with disabilities in the United States. On last count, only about 15 million of those had successfully acquired disability benefits. At least half who apply are denied. Though the Social Security Administration has an ever-growing list of conditions potentially rendering people eligible for benefits, they’re extremely strict on just what constitutes Disability in Temecula CA.

What Are the Qualifications for Disability Benefits?

Specific guidelines have been set forth for determining whether or not each disability applicant is eligible for benefits. Though medical and mental conditions are considered, several other aspects factor into the equation as well. Each revolves around the applicant’s physical and mental capabilities.

  • Severity of the Condition:
  • Suffering from a condition listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book alone isn’t enough to qualify a person for disability. Symptoms must be severe enough to hamper the applicant’s ability to carry out everyday living activities.
  • Working Capacity:
  • In addition to interfering with a person’s quality of life, a condition must also limit the applicant’s ability to perform a job he or she held before developing symptoms. At the same time, it must also prevent the applicant from being able to perform another type of job.
  • Duration of the Condition:
  • Even if a condition is determined severe enough to limit an applicant’s ability to work, it may not be extensive enough to warrant benefits in the eyes of the Social Security Administration. The condition must last at least a year for an applicant to be deemed eligible.

While these are the basic parameters used to determine if an applicant qualifies for Disability in Temecula CA, a number of other elements are considered as well. These guidelines have been put into play to prevent abuse of the system, but those who need benefits most are often left in the lurch as a result. To make matters even more complicated, those responsible for making the final determination have a certain amount of professional leeway in determining whether or not a condition is disabling.

In short, a condition must be severe enough to prevent a person from earning a viable income for at least a year in order to be considered disabling. Even then, it’s a bit of a subjective matter. Having legal aid and representation may make the application process less complicated and uncertain. Visit us to learn more or to schedule a consultation. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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