The Top 3 Signs You Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Joliet, IL

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Lawyers

When it comes to your physical well-being, you place your faith in healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, there are times when that trust can be broken due to negligence or mistakes. If you think you or someone close to you has suffered from medical malpractice, it is essential to get legal help to safeguard your rights. Here are the top three signs that indicate you need a medical malpractice attorney in Joliet, IL.

1. You’ve Sustained an Injury Due to Medical Treatment

You should consider medical malpractice if you’ve received medical treatment and sustained an injury or illness that wasn’t present or caused by your underlying condition. A skilled medical malpractice attorney can evaluate your case, gather evidence, and determine whether medical negligence caused the injury or illness.

2. Lack of Communication or Inadequate Information

In the medical field, proper communication is essential. You could have a valid medical malpractice case if your healthcare provider does not share critical information regarding your diagnosis, treatments, or potential risks. An experienced lawyer can look into the details of the situation and take legal action against any negligent medical professionals who failed to communicate adequately.

3. Your Condition Was Misdiagnosed or Mistreated

A misdiagnosis or mistreatment by a healthcare provider can have severe consequences for your health. If you have suffered harm from a misdiagnosis or mistreatment, a medical malpractice attorney can help you claim compensation for your injury and any resulting damages.

Medical malpractice suits can be complex and require an attorney with experience in the field. A skilled Joliet, IL, attorney can help you navigate the legal process and ensure you’re compensated for your injuries and any resulting damages. If any of these signs apply to your situation, it is vital to consult with a medical malpractice attorney in Joliet, IL. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C., if you are looking for medical malpractice attorney in Joliet, IL. Visit for more information.

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