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Understanding What to Expect When Hiring an Attorney in Lawrence, KS

When someone is unfortunate enough to suffer an injury due to an accident, they may be interested in learning that the legal system offers an option for pursuing justice from the person responsible for the damages. This is done through the civil court system and, while it can be instrumental in protecting a person’s rights, many are not particularly informed about what to expect from a civil injury lawsuit. Fortunately, there is an attorney in Lawrence, KS, who has experience helping clients to understand their rights, while also working aggressively to represent them.

Some people may not seek an attorney because they assume they will be unable to pay for the services. While it is true that attorneys must earn a living, accident attorneys often work on a performance pay structure. As result, clients only have to pay the attorney if they are successful in collecting damages. This is done using a percentage-based fee that is withheld from the final settlement.

Another concern that some people may have is that they will have to go through the ordeal of a trial. There is no arguing that a trial may be the only way to resolve the dispute and get the compensation the victim deserves, but many attorneys will do everything in their power to resolve the case without a trial. Trials are time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. For these reasons, many clients will find that their cases are settled long before a trial can be held.

Pursuing compensation for an injury may require going through the legal system in the form of a civil lawsuit. Unfortunately, clients are often ill-informed about what is involved with hiring a lawyer and pursuing a lawsuit. In these instances, it is important to understand that many attorneys only charge fees if they are able to collect damages. In addition, using an attorney facilitates making sound choices about pursuing justice. Luckily, Business Name is an attorney in Lawrence, KS, who has years of experience, both in helping clients understand their legal options as well as in defending their rights.

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