What Steps are Involved in a Personal Injury Claim in Wilkes-Barre PA?

by | May 30, 2017 | Lawyers

It can be stressful for the victim of a personal injury to fully understand their rights and what will take place as they pursue compensation. Knowing what to expect can help individuals properly prepare for pursuing their Personal Injury Claim in Wilkes-Barre PA. Although the process can take some time, working with a lawyer ensures a victim’s rights are protected and they will have the legal help they need to receive a fair outcome.

•The first step the lawyer takes is beginning the investigation process. The investigation is vital for ensuring ample evidence will be available, should the personal injury claim go to court. Because the plaintiff is burdened with proving liability, evidence is key.

•After the lawyer has prepared the case, they will file a complaint on behalf of their client. The papers are served on the defendant and the proceedings will begin. The plaintiff usually is given thirty days to serve the complaint on the defendant and then the defendant is given time to respond to the complaint.

•If an insurance company is involved, the defendant is required to notify their insurance company. Once notified, the lawyer begins the process of making sure the company has the information they need for settling. The negotiations with the insurance company can take time but the lawyer will not agree to settle unless a fair amount is offered.

•If negotiations with the insurance company prove unfruitful, the lawyer will continue to pursue the court case and prepare for trial. It is vital a person is represented by a lawyer when they head to court or the process can end in an unfavorable outcome.

Many personal injury claims are settled outside of court but this is sometimes impossible. The lawyer will work to protect their client’s rights and ensure they are able to receive a fair outcome, no matter how the claim is settled.

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